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Congratulation on your 100th Super Show, dear Super Junior.

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Long distance relationships sucks, both romantic and platonic, because when you are sad I can’t go to you and hug the sadness away.

The same goes for money. Why isn’t there a fund or something for people wanting to go overseas to cheer up the people they love?

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who’s your fav band?



jongdae with a heart plushie ❤

happy birthday to a person that is charming, talented, witty and handsome, kim jongdae! celebrate your birthday today, celebrate being happy every day ♡

Necklaces by RubyRobinBoutique.

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clumsy_panda: Happy Birthday Baby #chen #jongdae #tlp #tlpbeijing #exo



My man.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


hello, my darlings! i’m constantly telling you guys how much i love you, so i’d like to offer a big present to one of you lucky people! 

i’m doing a $200 EXO MERCH giveaway! yeah, you read that correctly. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of exo merchandise! anything from ebay or amazon counts, as long as it’s exo related! albums, clothing, jewelry, posters, nothing is off limits!!

the shitty edit above showcases just a small selection of some of the great stuff you’ll be able to choose from, and trust me, there’s TONS more. 

now this giveaway applies to followers only, so that means you have to be following me [for real like you won’t get away with it don’t even try]


  • you must be following me, (i will check!) since this is a special giveaway for my followers! please don’t participate if you plan on unfollowing after the giveaway. seriously, i know your tricks and you will not be considered.
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  • giveaway blogs are not able to enter
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  • i will use a random number generator to find the winner
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  • if you are under 18, please remember to ask your parents/guardians for permission!
  • you can choose as many things as you like, as long as it’s within the $200
  • this giveaway will end on OCTOBER 1st, 2014 (at 11:59pm EST)

if you have any questions regarding the giveaway, feel free to message me. have a wonderful day! kisses ♡


Reasons to dye your hair unnatural colours:

  • You get to be the main character of the anime
happy chen chen

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This is my Smaug cake. I am so fucking proud of this thing so you don’t even know. I spent at least one and a half hours making that dragon. It’s made of coloured marzipan, and it was supposed to be red but I only ended up with a dark pinkish colour. (next time I am definitely buying either a paste or powder colouring, the liquid ones just don’t do it for this kind of thing) The coal thing that he lies on is pearl sugar with red and yellow food colouring. At first I wanted it to be gold, but the yellow looked really weird so I made it orange instead. Fire cannot kill a dragon.

I’ve said for about a year that the only thing I wish for for my birthday is a Smaug cake. I ended up making it myself, but I am no less happy for that.

Also, the last picture is herrvarg decapitating my baby ;___;


zeronoa is now older than she used to be. We’re having a paper crown party :D