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You betray me, and I will kill you.

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“…there’s no thing in all creation that can exist without its opposite.”



Yeah this…breaks my heart. Loki could have stabbed Thor anywhere - the heart, the face - and he chooses his side. Not lethal. Not even close. And it’s with this dinky little throwing knife that we know he’s capable of being deadly with. He needs to get Thor away from him, because if anyone has any hope of talking Loki out of this, it’s Thor. You can see him holding Loki’s wrist, still trying to keep him there, even after all this.After everything that’s happened, Thor still holds out for the good in his brother. Loki has to physically pull his hand away. And then he sheds a goddamn tear and says, “Sentiment.” Do you know what the definition of sentiment is? It’s: an attitude, thought, or judgement, prompted by feeling. And that kind of boils down to his whole motivation, doesn’t it? Everything he does is motivated by this deep, personal inner turmoil. That little smile after he says it is far from the terrifying smile we saw at the start of the film. This one is painful, and full of realization. 

Loki, your whole existence hurts me. 

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Hey, you, Sherlockian.

Stop scrolling and watch this.

It’ll be the best three minutes of your life.

Yes. Really.

Ugh I love Katrindepp she’s really amazing. 


Man, fuck you, Sherlock Fandom, and your massive amounts of talent.

/sobbing quietly this is so awesome