I am reading fic again, even though I should be asleep, and something mentioned in it made me think of Loki in Thor 2. How he thrashed his cell after Frigga died. It made me cry and now I’m sitting here, with Christmas music in my ears and tears on my cheeks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so sad, even if it’s only images in my head. How he doesn’t know where to go in his confinement, there are nowhere to run from the grief. So he thrashes, and when magic fails him he kicks, screams, hits and throws the rubble about. Somewhere along the way he steps on a shard of glass, but he doesn’t have it in him to care, so instead he steps on it more on purpose, sitting down with his back to the wall pulling it out to watch the blood trickle down his foot. He pulls his hair for a while and shudders, finally breaking down against the floor. He screams against the tiles, his tears falling steadily onto the blank surface as he heaves, his violent sobs ripping through his body.

Yeah now you have that image in your heads as well. You’re welcome. I’m just gonna go sob some more over a fictional character now.

Headcanon time!

Thor didn’t visit Midgard much before his banishment and meeting Jane, because he didn’t see the necessity. He was fine staying in Asgard and being treated like a prince. It’s not that he looked at humans as lesser beings like a lot of Asgard did, he just felt they had nothing to bring him.

Loki however visited Midgard fairly often, sometimes weeks on end, sometimes it could be ten years or more, because he was fascinated. Humans are very good at contradicting themselves and creating chaos even without plotting beforehand, and being the god of mischief he found that utterly captivating. (he was also one to enjoy a lot of sex and Asgardians didn’t like him enough to indulge him, but let’s not talk about that) So while Thor dined in Asgard’s halls, Loki sneaked to the Bifrost to watch Earth turn on itself but also heal itself in turns. This means Loki knows a lot more about humans and their way of being than Thor does.

It’s like Thor has matured through his hair - the more mature he gets the longer his hair grows.

I don’t want to know what grows when Loki gets more mature because it’s certainly not his hair.

Kid Loki doing what he does best.

terresdebrume: Loki/Magnus school AU?


Loki is the Mysterious Guy and Magnus have had a crush on him since third grade. His best friend tells him to go for someone else - Loki’s attitude isn’t worth the trouble - but Magnus thinks that that is exactly why he is worth the trouble. Which is why a kiss and a slap isn’t gonna get him to back down.

Sassy Loki is sassy.

I must be the epitome of a fangirl right now: watching Avengers, eating nutella and squealing about Loki.

Look at the gorgeous Loki I drew for Kathryn on DrawSomething!

Have Loki as a horse.

As I said - in a drawing mood.

Svadilfari and Sleipnir, basically. And at some point I will draw Loki as a gray Andalusian.

(also Svadilfari is still supposed to be BLACK but I just don’t wanna ruin the drawing!)

I’ve been in a drawing mood and as you will see in my queue either tonight or tomorrow I have had a short love affair with the Friesian horses.

Now, apparently my mind went “PERFECT BREED FOR SVADILFARI” (which is a lie but let’s pretend it is) and this is what happened.

I do apologise for my TERRIBLE human anatomy and hope you look more at the horse than Loki.

Also the horse is supposed to be black, but I don’t want to destroy it further. Might colour it digitally later.

Agh, hope you like it.

From Fädernas Gudasaga, by Victor Rydberg, illustration by John Bauer

There are so many reasons that I love John Bauer. And while I’m trying to cope with my Loki feels I might as well post this and get more of my followers to know about this amazing artist.

His style is just so amazing, and the way he draws hair is mesmerising.

So apparently I can draw when my attention should be elsewhere…

Drawn in between my second and third checking of my exam, because I needed something else to think about for a minute. I wrote a letter to Hiddles too, that I won’t ever send to him because it was so awkward and so askdjaja so yeah. I like my little Loki though, even though his clothes are drawn from the top of my head and only are about 50% correct.

And also that grin was supposed to be manic and crazy, but ended up all goofy so I just wrote ‘Love you’ beside it XD

I’ll Break You In the End [Magnus/Loki]

So when naming it I totally just looked at my playlist and went ‘THAT IS PERFECT’.

Characters: Magnus Martinsson, Loki,  Amanda (OC, because I dunno), other people may come in later on (also I am still contemplating whether to throw in Freddie Page and Bill Hazeldine)

Pairing(s): future Magnus/Loki.

Rating: This chapter PG I guess.

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