This scene is SOOOOO important and so few people are talking about it.
WHY? Seriously.
If you want any proof that he’s not completely in control the whole movie, here it is.
Loki is just a pawn with big plans who has gotten himself into huge shit and can’t get out of it.
And this scene makes it pretty fucking obvious that they’ve been torturing and manipulating him and are threatening to make it a thousand times worse.

I should probably just post my insane 5k essay I’ve written on how fucked up Loki is in this film. Because I’ve just got a lot of feelings.

He looks really rough when he comes to earth and it’s like, what the hell’s happened to him? And he has those brief moments when he’s fighting Thor on Stark Tower where he looks around at the destruction, and it’s like he briefly snaps out of it, as if he’s lost control and has no idea how things got this way. 

Exactly my thoughts. He looks scared here. Fucking scared. He strikes a bargain with creatures that terrify him just to try and prove his worthiness. He knows nothing good awaits him if he fails, and he’s scared of that. The thing is, he’s alone now. Utterly and completely alone. He’s rejected all relations he has ever had in Asgard, even his own brother and ‘parents’. He’s dealing with things more dangerous than anything else he has ever encountered, and he’s doing it alone. No brother or father or friend or comrade. Just him, and a bunch of scary ass aliens who wouldn’t think twice about killing him. 

Jarvis: Sir there is a potentially fatal build up of ice occurring.

Tony: Keep going! He’s upset and is going to end up doing something he’ll regret. I have to stop him!

Jarvis: It appears as though he does not want your interference. 

Tony: I have to try damn it!

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It is because of her that I ship Tony/Loki.

And because of her I had so many Loki feels even in the first place.

Go give her some love:

Fuck, my feelings for that boy.

This is like with Benedict, but it happened much faster and I wasn’t even aware until it was too late.

One moment it was “oh look at this actor he’s good, oh he’s in War Horse with Benedict, cool” and the next it’s “AH MAH GAD LOKI ALL THE FEELINGS TOM HIDDLESTON WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME, WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE THAT, WHY DO YOU SPEAK LIKE THAT, WHY ARE YOUR EYES SO BRIGHT”

Basically all the feelings.