Oh I almost forgot.

I dreamt about Sherlock and John tonight. It was the sweetest and at the same time most sad dream I’ve had of them since the airing of The Reichenbach Fall. 

Sherlock wasn’t on top of Bart’s, but at the top of the highest staircase in London (according to Moriarty anyway, my brain did make the characters say some weird comments), and Moriarty was going to push him down the stairs. John jumped in and hugged Sherlock as Moriarty charged for him, which meant they both tumbled down the stairs, and I was running after them trying to save them both. When I got down to the bottom only Sherlock was moving, and he was all pale and bloody and hugged John to his chest and howled, and I didn’t know what to do. Mrs Hudson came and removed the blood from John with a cloth, crying. And then everyone was crying and we could hear Moriarty laughing from the top of the stairs.

It’s crazy how someone so scary can look so hot.

Andrew Scott
 Sherlock - The Reichenbach Fall promotional photo
Credit goes to Cumberbatchweb

Just testing my connection to iPlayer, I can gladly inform you that I will be able to watch Sherlock tomorrow!


I am going to see if I can get a livestream up too, but don’t get your hopes up.


And I was sitting there screaming at the screen “it’s ‘BOTH’ come on it’s not a hard word, ‘BOTH’!!!”

It got weird really fast, though I completely agree with Stranger 2 XD

I decided to troll omegle myself.