Winterheart’s Loki, as drawn by Artmetica for our collaboration.

Posted separately by me after some begging because this one needed to be on tumblr in all its glory.


Idina interrupting Gravity’s winning streak like woah

you could say she was

defying gravity


"bi people can’t really speak for gay rights, cuz they’re part straight and can comfortably pretend to be when someone wants to hurt them for it"

please fly into the sun




Has it occurred to anyone that Frigga, at least in Norse mythology, is supposed to possess the gift of prophecy? She knows the future, and yet tells no one because she knows that she hasn’t the power to change destiny. If we think on the implications of this, then she knew, without a doubt, that what everyone else thought to be a prison break was in truth an invasion, and that she would die as a direct result. All her decisions are made knowing that they would lead to her death. Maybe that’s why she makes such an effort to see to both of her sons right beforehand, and looks so very sad. Despite all this, she still acts bravely and faces her fate like a true warrior goddess. What an awesome lady.



Tom Hiddleston for Flaunt Magazine Issue 126 [HQ]

❝ He is now resting. He is now at peace. Our nation hast lost its greatest son. Our people have lost its father. ❞


Nelson Mandela has died, South African President Jacob Zuma announces. (via think-progress) - South Africa was the first nation of the continent to recognize GLBT rights in their constitution (via thebacklot)

Rest in peace Madiba, you’ll never be forgotten.