ok but if there is a thor movie with the new thor i already have a fancasting





Big dogs who think they are lap dogs.

I want all of them.

All dogs are lap dogs.

My mother once told me that trauma is like Lord of the Rings. You go through this crazy, life-altering thing that almost kills you (like say having to drop the one ring into Mount Doom), and that thing by definition cannot possibly be understood by someone who hasn’t gone through it. They can sympathize sure, but they’ll never really know, and more than likely they’ll expect you to move on from the thing fairly quickly. And they can’t be blamed, people are just like that, but that’s not how it works.

Some lucky people are like Sam. They can go straight home, get married, have a whole bunch of curly headed Hobbit babies and pick up their gardening right where they left off, content to forget the whole thing and live out their days in peace. Lots of people however, are like Frodo, and they don’t come home the same person they were when they left, and everything is more horrible and more hard then it ever was before. The old wounds sting and the ghost of the weight of the one ring still weighs heavy on their minds, and they don’t fit in at home anymore, so they get on boats go sailing away to the Undying West to look for the sort of peace that can only come from within. Frodos can’t cope, and most of us are Frodos when we start out.

But if we move past the urge to hide or lash out, my mother always told me, we can become Pippin and Merry. They never ignored what had happened to them, but they were malleable and receptive to change. They became civic leaders and great storytellers; they we able to turn all that fear and anger and grief into narratives that others could delight in and learn from, and they used the skills they had learned in battle to protect their homeland. They were fortified by what had happened to them, they wore it like armor and used it to their advantage.

It is our trauma that turns us into guardians, my mother told me, it is suffering that strengthens our skin and softens our hearts, and if we learn to live with the ghosts of what had been done to us, we just may be able to save others from the same fate.

S.T.Gibson (via sarahtaylorgibson)


you know what you’re right i don’t want a black widow movie

i want a whole god damn trilogy

a merch line all for her, a set of action figures all for her in different outfits with different toys and accessories

i want her to have her own television spinoff all about her and her adventures

i want her to have her own cool costume for little girls in the disney store

i want her to have everything the male heroes get and then some



Me doing makeup for regular wear: Eh, I only look half dead. Just mascara is good enough.




Okay but when Maleficent turned Diaval into a man for the first time, did her magic choose the way he’d look as a human?

Or was girlfriend peeking through the grass like, “Mmm okay, but if he’s gonna be my wings, he needs to have a nice butt.”



*white kid from 90’s tv show on bed throwing baseball up in the air and catching it while staring at ceiling*


Thor (2011) Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Hotness increase 2000%


Damn straight.


  • Diaval having no idea how human courting works and trying to figure out how to gain Maleficent’s romantic affection
  • Diaval being all antsy (+ more bold than usual) when mating season comes along
  • Diaval and Maleficent sharing the tree she slept in as a child, with Mal in her usual spot and Dia sleeping in raven form a few branches above her
  • Diaval collecting a whole bunch of tiny, shiny trinkets and things and hanging them up all over the tree until Maleficent gets pissed off because it’s so cluttered it’s beginning to lean over
  • Diaval being surprised when Phillip tells him that, no, doing a courtship dance won’t help him attract Maleficent because it’s a bird thing
  • Diaval not being too physically attracted to Maleficent because “mehh all humanoid women look vagely the same to me” but then she gets her wings back and it’s like “shIT SHE’S HOT”

Do u guys even realize the shipping possibilities what with Diaval being a ravenman because I do


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au of standard YA lit where it starts off normal with a girl who pretends to be a boy and to ‘escape her fate’ or w/e gets stuck on a pirate ship and sorta falls in love with one of the fellow crewmembers until one day it’s found out she’s a woman in a dramatic fashion and shes all OH SHIT

except then the crewmate she liked is all “wait fuck i’m a woman too” and then it turns out that literally the entire crew is women (some of whom are trans women who didn’t feel like they could be out about it before btw)  and the (female) captain is all like “Well shit i guess we’re still good to go ladies” 

and then they become a crew of queer pirate ladies openly and take over the seas and it’s great

I had the privilege of donning Captain America’s costume. I’m pleased to say it fit like a glove. (laughs)

Chris Evans - I take my hat off to him. He was so game. I put his costume on and I did a crude impression of Captain America and then later, he watched me do it. And so that performance that you see, is Chris Evans doing an impression of me doing an impression of him.

- Tom Hiddleston, Thor: The Dark World audio commentary





Petition for all the Marvel actors to agree that whenever Scarlett gets a blatantly sexist question one of the Chrises just takes it instead.

You have my signature.

this just made my day thank you mr ruffalo

I immediately assumed that blog name was spoofed because tumblr

but then I went and looked and…it’s actually Mark Ruffalo




A video game that lampshades the player’s ability to revive after death and incorporates it into the setting:

"I don’t know what planet you’re from, kid, but here on Earth people stay dead.”

And they do. NPCs that are killed stay dead. You experience loss over the course of the plot until one of the first NPCs to die shows up again, laughs, and says,

"It’s a bit different than back home, isn’t?"

And turns out to be the Big Bad.


Even better, make everything broach upon the Fourth Wall. The protagonist can hear background music, glances at the camera and mutters about being watched, and, best yet, whenever a decision is made that contradicts the protagonist’s personality, the protagonist tries to resist the decision, only to obey the player’s will.

Sinister music starts to play and and the protag stiffens and starts muttering “shit, shit, shit, shit, something’s coming, where’s it coming from? Shit-“